Here are some of the ways you can work with me.

Free Training

The #1 Secret to Keeping Your Cool.

In this FREE, short and powerful training you will learn the most important step you need to take if you want to be able to keep your cool...especially when your kids are having a hard time or their behaviour is pushing your buttons!

keep your cool,mama!

How not to lose it...and find your calm!

Learn practical, mom-tried-and-tested tools to help you find your calm in this easy-to-digest online training - so you can keep your cool more easily ...and be the gentle, responsive mom you want to be!

mama knows best

Stop stressing and boost your confidence!

Discover powerful practices to help you enjoy parenting without all the agonizing and self-doubt. You'll learn to reconnect with (and trust) your inner knowing and integrate this with your rational/reasoning mind to make decisions with clarity and confidence. Click below to be the first to hear when the next round starts!

calm mama

Release the Stress, Overwhelm & Worry.

Through this 3-month, holistic online programme I guide you on a journey to explore and heal some of the deeper causes of your stress, overwhelm and anxiety. Work with me privately or as part of a group to restore calm to your nervous system, heal old hurts and transform your experience of motherhood.

Become the mother you want to be.

read this feedback from a fellow mum.

"Natalie is a wonderful and empathetic listener who was incredibly supportive and provided invaluable tips and tools that reminded me that I could take small steps towards improving my wellbeing"

Working with Natalie is a joy. Her concrete tips are easy to put into practice and the insights I gleaned through this course are staying with me in a deep way

Nathalie Margi, Mum of 2, NY.


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